Binokula delivers real-time stock level data for external distributors

David Perks, CEO of Cloud FixersBy David Perks, CEO, Cloud Fixers

Power BI is great for building quick dashboards and reports but there’s a trap. When you want to publish and share these reports the costs of Power BI Pro subscriptions quickly add up, and sharing externally can be an administrative nightmare to manage access.

We put together a quick stock level checking page for a business to share with distributors. This is joined up to their warehousing system, so we needed to resolve how to make it securely available.

Our journey led us to Binokula, a cool platform for securely publishing Power BI reports to whoever you decide can see them. This is achieved without each viewer needing a Power BI Pro licence.

The folks at Binokula were super helpful with information and a walkthrough.

See our live stock level page.

It’s as simple as it gets, but use your imagination to envisage a customer dashboard, work order or purchase order tracking, case management and so on.

– Republished from Cloud Fixers newsletter, August 2019. Cloud Fixers, formerly Within Reach Software, is a Sydney-based provider of strategy, innovation, automation and integration solutions. About Cloud Fixers.

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