Fernando Ponte celebrates 10 years at Stellar

Fernando Ponte celebrates his 10th year anniversary at Stellar. Based in Tauranga, he became the Lead Consultant a few years ago.

Fernando Ponte grew up in southern Brazil, in an agricultural area known for dairy farms and sheep industry. Perhaps that helped reassure him that moving to New Zealand was a good decision.

Expanding the use of Business Intelligence in the Tauranga region

Since immigrating with his wife in 2011, Fernando has been living in the seaside resort town of Mt Maunganui (no wonder he seems to be smiling all the time). His working days are spent supporting and helping to expand the use of Business Intelligence with Stellar’s key customers in the Tauranga region and providing valuable Oracle and Microsoft BI technical sales support to Stellar’s Wellington-based team.

It was a very lucky coincidence that brought Fernando to Stellar. “I was just looking for overseas experiences in 2010 when Stellar came into play. They offered a position to a former manager, who at that time wasn’t looking to relocate. He just sent me as a reference and three weeks later I was travelling to NZ and starting a new life.”

What Fernando appreciates the most at Stellar is support from his colleagues, who make him feel comfortable doing his job and are there for each other “when you ask or need help”. Fernando has a very nice metaphor for Stellar. For him, Stellar is like “Exclusive winemakers delivering to the best restaurants”.

Oracle is Fernando’s favourite

Fernando graduated with a Degree in Applied Mathematics in the ‘90s and started working with IT and Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing at the same time, and he has never moved away. Initially, he was a Microsoft guy using the first beta versions of Analysis Services and SQL Server while reading data from Oracle Databases (among other sources).

He progressed fully into Oracle around 2008. Fernando really enjoys the tools: “Microsoft makes things way easier to use while Oracle still has that geeky vibe”, he says.

“Celebrating Fernando’s 10 years at Stellar is a proud moment for the whole Stellar Team.  From the very first day, he joined us from Brazil, Fernando’s positive energy has helped build the fantastic culture we have here at Stellar and his dedication and knowledge have delivered great results for our customers. Fernando, congratulations on your first 10 years with Stellar. Looking forward to many more,” says John McDermott, Stellar’s CEO.

Fernando’s passion is with vintage aviation. His other passion is music and of course, as for any Brazilian, soccer is his main sport.


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