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Interpreting data to make informed decisions in this unpredictable environment has become increasingly critical. To learn more about our latest developments in PowerBI, SAC, Data Strategy and Binokula read on.

Sharepoint Online, SSRS and PowerBI

Anyone considering a move to SharePoint online and still reporting using SSRS will know that there is no direct integration between the two. And if you are looking at migrating some paginated reports it just got trickier.
At one of our clients, we have been in the process of decommissioning their SharePoint Server in favour of moving to SharePoint Online. Their existing implementation of SharePoint includes SSRS reports which SharePoint Online does not support.
For the past many weeks, the majority of the existing SSRS reports are either in the process of re-development or have already been re-developed for Power BI. With the need for paginated reports investigation began on the possible alternatives.

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En route to Health Informatics

The current state of most health sectors is volumes of unstructured data in different formats. The ambition certainly lies in a better data and analytics future state. Stellar Consulting’s most recent engagement with health providers was to assist and support the formation of a business intelligence strategy, operating model, and roadmap.

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Scheduling SAC stories with the APOS Publisher for Cloud

When Oji Fibre Solutions started to look at options for scheduling their growing number of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) reports, called stories, there was initially no possibility for them. Their SAC tenant resides on the Neo platform which does not offer any native scheduling capability. Beyond basic scheduling, Oji’s needs also include generating personalized report versions with user-specific slices of data for each recipient (report bursting).

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Introducing Binokula

Does your company use modern data visualization and reporting tools to monitor their performance? Until recently your ability to share insights with your business affiliates might still have been reliant on manual processes and outdated systems.

Get rid of the inconsistent and unreliable results. Sharing business reports any other way has been too complex and too expensive. Build your community. Stand up Binokula in just a few short steps and get analytics to wide-ranging stakeholders now.

You can use the Binokula app to share business reports across your business network. Therefore, everyone is working from the same information and contributing to your combined success. Binokula makes report sharing with external users simple, secure, and scalable. Share data to enable your network, partners & staff. It breaks down the barriers to distributing responsive, interactive, powerful reports to a vast audience. Find out how Binokula can help your small to medium-sized business leverage your business data while saving time, complexity, and money. Contact Binokula!

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