Stellar Business Intelligence solution for a utility customer

Ken Tran, a consultant at Stellar is currently working on a support role with one of our utility customers. He ensures the current Business Intelligence (BI) system remains available for business-as-usual.

He also takes part in enhancement work that further improves BI’s usability. Recently he has integrated a new data feed of call detail record (CDR) into BI at the half-hourly interval, to enable near-real-time analysis. This requires a new mechanism that provides robust and efficient data loading.

When a single view of data can become challenging

This customer has been embracing self-service BI for a long time. They have a great team of data analysts with great technical skills.

However, collaboration and sharing a single view of data can become challenging. Especially when you have terabytes of data and the market is changing every day.

Business intelligence system foundation

Stellar laid the foundation of a business intelligence system. It enables teams to fully utilise their data, not only to support robust reporting but to answer business questions in a fast-paced environment. Ken and the team brought several data sources into the data warehouse at different intervals, from half-hourly to daily. Then they streamline them into different schemas to serve different purposes. For example, analysis teams often use the Corporate Memory Layer (ODW) schema for all source-specific reporting. This is probably one of the most favourite starting places for ad-hoc reporting needs. Besides, there is the Architecture Data Marts (ADW) layer. It is consumed by Oracle BI services, based on the classic star schema in data warehouse design.

With a robust design, the data analysis team can utilise their skills to extract the answers they need from a resilient and efficient system. “Ken is great to deal with. He is thorough, asks good questions and turns things around fast,” says the client’s Data and Information Manager.

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