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Most organisations only scratch the surface of the opportunities that data and analytics offers

Whether it’s through data science, big data analytics, artificial intelligence or any number of other analytic tools and techniques, leading organisations are transforming their competitive landscapes.

Stellar works with these enterprises to embed the approaches, methods and skills needed to foster innovation. In this regard, we act as change agents for our customers by providing business analytics that inspire thought leadership and drives organisational change to help them operate on the leading edge of digital disruption.

Optimise opportunities

Business leaders now understand that there’s immense value in the vast amount of data being generated every day. Yet for all their willingness, most companies are only scratching the surface of the opportunities that this data can afford them. They may be optimising business processes and analysing data for insight, but few are seizing the transformative possibilities that can be created from data and analytics.

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, enables machines to understand language and solve problems – even to “think” of new data models that will lead to better predictions. From the user’s point of view, interrogating the data becomes much easier when machines understand our questions and can apply cognitive analytics to deliver the answers.

Cloud services strategy

Cloud is one of the most important trends in today’s digital world. To stay competitive, the question is not “if” your business will make the move to the cloud, but “when?”. The public Cloud delivers a responsive and scalable environment for business applications, at a lower overall cost than hosting privately. But in such a fast-growing area, with a wealth of options, choosing the right Cloud services for your business can be difficult.

Stellar’s data and analytics services include designing and planning Cloud adoption for data analytics. Our team is constantly evaluating public Cloud services and has the expertise to design a solution that fits your needs – whether it’s 100% Cloud-based, or a hybrid approach that combines on-premise and Cloud solutions – to get the most out of your data.