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  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration

We specialise in:

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Quality data analytics enables organisations to base important decisions on facts.

At Stellar Consulting we work with organisations to establish processes and solutions that support reliable decision making. Our data analytics consultants are experts in managing business data, with extensive experience in data governance, data migration, data integration, and data platforms. From establishing internal data governance bodies and responsibilities, through to designing and building world class master data management and data quality solutions, we enable New Zealand’s largest and most complex organisations to base important decisions on facts rather than opinions.

Data that’s secure

With big data comes responsibility. Our data solutions will help you comply with data security laws and regulations, keep your confidential business information secure, and protect your customers’ privacy. You decide which people in your organisation will have access to which data, and we’ll do the rest.

Data management

Stellar has the expertise and processes to implement strong data management practices into your organisation. Underlying our Seven Essentials of Success are detailed process maps and artifacts to support data governance, data management and master data management to effectively manage and steward your data assets.

Data integration

From streaming analytics to API integration to traditional extract, transform, load (ETL) – Stellar consultants are experts at data integration.  We apply a range of best practice methods in a pragmatic way to achieve your data integration needs.  We have extensive experience in large data migrations, migration to cloud platforms and using software from leading technology vendors to automate the integration of data across an organisation.