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Organisations investing in data analytics services gain a competitive advantage.

Those struggling to make sense of their business data, on the other hand, face a very unpromising future.

At Stellar, our consultants are experts at data analytics and draw upon their expertise in data science, statistics, and computing to integrate data and analytics into regular processes and decision making. The insights gained from these techniques can then be used to further optimise business operations and realise opportunities.

Optimise business decisions

Stellar’s customers leverage business analytics to enhance and automate processes and decision making. We’ve moved on from when data merely told us what had already happened or why it had happened. These descriptive and diagnostic abilities remain an essential part of any business intelligence solution, but they are no longer enough.

Today, executives and managers expect data and analytics services that provide predictive and prescriptive insights so they can consider a range of scenarios while minimising threats to their organisation and take advantage of opportunities.

Advanced analytics employ algorithms, techniques and approaches that can unlock the full value of your business analytics.

Engage more deeply with customers

Information about customers is abundant, including such things as transactions that were completed or not completed, customer feedback and demographic data.

In their efforts to understand and segment customers, organisations can take advantage of data and analytics services to understand each customer more deeply. The analytics enabled organisations to address each customer personally with the most relevant information or the best offer, at the best time, and using the customer’s preferred channels (e.g. recommendation engines on websites, email, text messaging or social media).