Stellar is home to a seasoned team of pure-play data and analytics experts with specialist skills as deep as they are broad.

Local Experts. Global Expertise.

100% NZ-owned with experience from around the world.

Our team are well-versed in global best practice, having worked all over the world. However, as a Kiwi-owned company, we’re perfectly placed to tackle the data and analytics challenges unique to companies in our part of the world.

Delivering business
intelligence when it matters

On time, in budget, when you need us most.

You need a team that comes through in the clutch of time. Whether responding to crisis management, or adapting to deliver to your tight deadlines, Stellar’s reliable business intelligence consultants will never let you down.

Meet your data and analytics A-team

At Stellar, we don’t believe in B-teams.
So we don’t have one.

Our people are all experienced, dedicated, and driven to deliver transformational results for your business. When it comes to data and analytics, hands don’t come much safer.