A utility company marketing challenge

One of the main challenges for a utility company in such a competitive market is maintaining its customer churn rate as low as possible. This usually requires a great effort from many teams with a sound strategy. At one of our customers, the marketing and BI team worked on a marketing project that serves that exact purpose. 

Formatively, Stellar had laid a robust foundation for the BI system that could be easily scaled out to integrate other subject areas. The Stellar team have now leveraged such scalability to additional source data from the marketing team. It is a cloud-based dataset to carry out daily promotion communication with prospects and existing customers. 

Daily, new opportunities are extracted from the Salesforce cloud to the Oracle data warehouse to further data enrichment before sending out the communication. The team can identify opportunities from the existing account base; along with preferences, such as the plan choice etc. The customers will then receive either an email or a post, about the upcoming exciting promotions. 

The data warehouse also acts as a history book that keeps track of all processed prospects. This can be a significant advantage while analysing certain patterns in customer expectations towards the promotions/plans. 

The above is an excellent example of how partnerships drive success. Our involvement in the data and analytics roadmap from grass root level has helped implement systems that have stood the test of time. They can quickly expand to adopt newer ideas. If you want to know more or need help with your data, contact us at Stellar! 


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