BI Strategy and Roadmap by Stellar

By Fernando Ponte
Lead Consultant at Stellar



Stellar engaged with a New Zealand leading provider of print and imaging equipment and labelling solutions. We supported their Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics initiatives. We performed a series of interviews and workshops with Stakeholders and Businesspeople aiming to get a complete view of their data utilization and landscape.

Using our Seven Essentials for Success we applied our knowledge to quickly step through a structured process to develop a BI Strategy and Roadmap to meet their business needs. The result of this work was a high-level architectural solution design along with a series of considerations, recommendations and quick wins that covered:

  • Current and Future State Assessment
  • Information Architecture Design
  • Data Integration
  • Data Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Information Security, Data Quality and Governance

We used our BI Maturity Model (BIMM) to quickly assess their current state. The Maturity Model provided several drivers to increase BI maturity and established a strategic vision.

Our identified Seven Essentials for Success allowed us to quickly understand their requirements and opportunities covering the areas of People, Process, Data and Technology. We took this strategic vision and detailed initiatives behind each Essential of Success.

The client indicated their priorities, and they were used to construct a strategic roadmap. Talk to Stellar if you want to establish a better Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics practice for your company.


Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data, Strategy, Technology



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