Case study: Building competitive advantage at Toyota

Toyota has dominated New Zealand vehicle sales for decades, but even market leaders need to continue improving.

Toyota realised that its future success depended on developing a deeper understanding of its customers and markets.

When they looked “under the bonnet” of their legacy BI systems, however, Toyota found that its people were still manually building and maintaining spreadsheets. Information wasn’t always accurate or up to date, it was often hard to audit, and it was kept in “silos” which obscured the big picture.

Stellar was asked to bring a strategic enterprise focus to BI, to help Toyota overcome a series of poorly executed BI initiatives, and to ensure that the company had:

  • access to accurate data in real time across multiple sections of the business at separate locations
  • insight into ‘big picture’ trends for planning, plus specific data sets by region, dealership or individual customers

Find out how Stellar helps Toyota use the Microsoft BI platform to build competitive advantage while saving time and money.

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