Data Separation solution for a utility customer

Ken Tran, a consultant at Stellar, is currently working on a data separation project for a utility client. The project involves masking and archiving sensitive data. Planning and data classification quickly becomes a challenge for a big utility company with terabytes of data and various source systems. On top of that, a tight timeline and restricted resources can also cause difficulty.

With such challenges, collaboration and proactiveness are the keys. The team has been working closely with the vendors to understand the separation rules and ensure the goals are achieved on time.

Regularly, Ken was having catchups with the data management team. They oversee the data warehouse system every other day to ensure it is up to date with the progress of other teams. The team identifies any road blocker as soon as possible. Besides, Ken has actively engaged with source system administrators to understand the requirement. He also leveraged the Oracle database metadata search feature to identify tables that may require attention.

Ken has completed several source system separations with a proactive approach and kept others in the ready state. Once the separation timeline is confirmed, the team can quickly deploy the change and achieve the project goals. If you want to know more or need help with your data, contact us at Stellar!


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