Data Driven Decisions

The festive season has fast approached us, and this year has been one of its kind. Some very interesting pieces of work have kept us busy and we wanted to share these with you.

A Sustainable Business Model

Working with the best Telematics provider in the country, Stellar faced the challenge to deliver a data model that would reduce processing to make reports more responsive for multiple users. High volumes of transactional data, many data attributes, and close alignment to the source data had made their current data model unsustainable. In less than two weeks, Stellar produced a robust, future-proof data warehouse schema design leveraging the power of the existing database. We implemented optimizations which resulted in greater performance, faster reports and reduced costs.

Transforming Your Strategic Vision

Research and Development
NZ’s leading innovation agency was investing heavily in strengthening its digital capabilities. The goal was to provide innovative, future-proof services to its users, customers and business partners. Our customer required a data strategy and wanted only the best to work on it. Using the Stellar Seven Essentials as our guiding foundation, we conducted a current and target state assessment, defined a high-level data strategy and roadmap which made this transformation journey for our customer not just agile, but also highly achievable.

Data and Analytics Lacks Inertia

A large NZ-based multinational provider of tourist experiences approached Stellar with the problem of two systems that would not speak to each other; they were never designed to. The monthly reconciliation process had therefore become complex, time-consuming and error-prone. Not wanting to move away from their existing system, they wanted a product-agnostic organization that would solve the problem. For our customer, information architecture and technology weren’t working hand-in-hand. So, we created a semi-automated reconciliation tool that enabled the process to be completed successfully, quickly and easily every month.

Self Service Analytics

A leading energy provider with more than six terabytes of data from 10+ source systems needed a robust platform. The platform should consume high volumes of data and monitor data and integration issues and satisfy the long list of other requirements.  Stellar’s core approach revolved around the Stellar Seven Essentials approach, which draws attention to many of the overlooked yet vital aspects required to achieve long term success. Some of the implemented key features include a single converged data warehouse, master data management, enabling data marts, centralized data quality management, data storytelling, load frequency issue management, conformed dimensions, and many more. Today 100s of reports are delivered automatically to different teams. Data integrated to and from external partners – seamlessly and swiftly – is creating business value across the organisation.

Hindsight Reporting to Predictive Analytics Data Governance

A globally-renowned and locally trusted automotive company required an all-new service KPI report to replace their existing manual reporting process. They needed to support recently re-defined performance metrics. The time-critical nature of this requirement demanded a “quick to market” report delivery. That meant data would often be used “as is”, without overnight data warehouse aggregations or processing of tabular models, so it could be quickly exposed to the business. It causes a trade-off in report performance. But our technical experts managed to optimise this report suite for successful, productive business uptake.

Data Governance

One of NZ’s leading insurers identified that they required data governance to ensure minimised data-related risks across the business. Stellar developed a Data Governance Framework based on industry standards and existing customer approaches. The customised framework consists of roles and responsibilities, policies and processes, and goals and principles. They align with the company’s core values and approaches. Stellar designed the framework which fully aligned with, and minimises the impact on, all operational and resourcing functions of the business.

As always if you or your organization need a safe pair of hands for your data and analytics feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.


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