En route to Health Informatics

By Fernando Ponte
Lead Consultant at Stellar



The current state of most health sectors is volumes of unstructured data in different formats. The ambition certainly lies in a better data and analytics future state. Stellar Consulting’s most recent engagement with health providers was to assist and support the formation of a business intelligence strategy, operating model and roadmap.

The Stellar Seven Essentials helped take them through this digital transformation journey step by step. The first step in this framework involves people. So, it was important for Stellar to interact with the business community to understand their practical needs and match with the current environment. This exercise helped us identify the gaps and slowly build that roadmap.


Operating Model 

During this engagement, the Stellar team conducted around two dozen interviews with stakeholders, business units and people from different areas and functions. We captured along the way a lot of information regarding the creation and use of data and analytics.

We were slowly getting into the process around how business users use the data, how they would like to use and consume it, and their future aspirations. Baselining against the Stellar Seven Essentials we identified strengths and opportunities and compiled enough information to build an operating model.


Architecture Framework 

The architecture framework helped map the measurements and analytics that the business users need. We could also identify how they are currently served in that space. We collected the information lifecycle details and gathered an overview of data assets. The team had also assessed the technology element thereby giving them a glimpse of existing platforms.

All this information was compiled and presented to business stakeholders. The objective of this engagement was to provide a path the business can follow to improve the use of data and analytics in the healthcare system for benefit of the community and staff in an egalitarian, secure and transparent way.

Happy to talk

Talk to us at Stellar if you want more information. Our Data and Analytics expertise coupled with the Seven Essentials will help perform a complete business assessment of your organization and help identify any business pain points.


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