Healthier employees, thanks to data-driven insights

If you work in data analytics, the following may sound depressingly familiar:

…we would generate a general report that detailed a client’s annual results. Our customers would repeatedly come back with questions about their data. We realised they wanted us to go deeper, which meant we would have to go back, create new reports, and perform more analysis—all of which was incredibly time-consuming. It was also a non-value add for my team because all we were doing was applying a filter or changing the way we visualised data in some way. We were putting a new coat of paint on the same data and handing it back to our clients.

That was the experience of Mahesh Salem, Vice President, Information Management & Analytics at Viverae, a workplace health and wellness provider.

Mahesh Salem

Mahesh Salem

Salem says his team would spend approximately two hours every month preparing reports for their 600 clients. That’s a staggering 1200 hours of analyst time.

Something had to be done. In a previous job, Salem had used Qlik services, and he believed that adopting Qlik Sense could help Viverae manage data more efficiently.

The result: Viverae is not only saving time but providing better customer service.

Now that everything is in Qlik Sense, we can give analytics access to clients and CRMs directly. They don’t have to ask us these questions because they can easily access the data for themselves. Now, our client relationship managers can do more consulting and less routine administration.

Salem says having Qlik Sense is about more than just processing data. His team are now able to uncover the stories behind the data, enabling them to improve the wellness programmes they provide to companies and their employees.

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