Innovating with data and analytics

We would like to share with you some of our latest developments. We believe that some of these may spark your interest.

Automotive – Customer experience

Recently we worked on a Customer-focused Service Advantage program for a client from the automotive sector. This program is included with every new car purchase. It provides scheduled services and other exclusive benefits at a capped cost over the first 4 years, or 60,000 km, of ownership of the vehicle. The current structure of reporting was in Excel, time-consuming and only provides insight on the first year of service. The requirement was to access the full picture of the Customer Service journey to enable several key objectives such as; to measure service retention, increasing Customer touchpoints, develop lifetime value, and understanding how retention could be better incentivized within the team.

We built a Power BI report, that is refreshed daily and has a fully interactive user experience. There is access to the previous four years of vehicle service history. The Stellar customer can filter it in multiple ways such as; by service year, dealership, timeliness of the service and a view of Platinum Status, a category achieved with a complete service history. Additionally, the users can extract the data and further develop it to suit individual dealership requirements.

The health of your data

Stellar is performing a review of a large health sector provider’s BI and Analytics capability. As a starting point, we have conducted a detailed analysis across their operating model, with a focus on how teams engage with and deliver operational and strategic outputs to a wide range of sector participants, internal and external. We have identified practical and realistic ways to introduce improvements that enable better delivery of data services within the sector. So, the customer will use these recommendations to drive the rapid evolution of capability.

The scope of this work also includes the development of a tailored Business Intelligence, Analytics and Reporting Operating Model to support enterprise objectives set out in the customer’s comprehensive Digital Strategy.

Data Iceberg in Insurance

Most Insurance companies have a huge amount of data and they are only at the tip of this iceberg when it comes to how they are using this information to their advantage. We’ve recently been working with an Insurance company on their remediation project. The core requirement was to streamline the refund process and alongside this, we were able to deliver numerous quick wins.

We started by organizing data and logging all payment files. This ensured that there was no duplication in policy payment. Next, we validated new payment details, and this helped minimize bank processing failures. We then moved on to keeping system messages up to date as that would help support the frontline staff when dealing with customer’s enquiries. And finally, we have summarised all processed and declined payments in a periodic report, thus assisting the finance staff with bank reconciliation.

Innovating with Data

Stellar have recently delivered a high-level data strategy and a roadmap for a progressive and highly aspirational government agency. The executive really likes the strategy and roadmap. Currently, we are supporting design and planning for a fully-fledged, data-driven capability. The data and analytics specific work that Stellar is doing here is a key enabler of the customer’s investments in their digital transformation programme.

If you need a safe pair of hands for your data, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.


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