La-Z-Boy and Domo recognised for innovative use of analytics


North American furniture manufacturer La-Z-Boy Incorporated and analytics provider Domo have been named winners of Ventana Research’s prestigious Digital Leadership Award in Analytics.

The award recognizes the company and technology provider that best exemplifies leadership in any use or application of analytics across the business and/or IT.

La-Z-Boy applied Domo’s technology to help grow its business and industry potential, achieving quantifiable impact.

With more than 9500 employees and 28 million permutations of furniture from which to choose, La-Z-Boy turned to Domo to improve efficiency, productivity and performance of its organisation.

By implementing Domo’s cloud-based platform across more than 20 departments, La-Z-Boy was able to seamlessly integrate its systems and quickly gain valuable insights. La-Z-Boy obtained greater visibility into key operational metrics, including potential design and quality problems, loss prevention, appraisal, and internal and external failure rates.

“Our Domo adoption and data-driven initiatives have picked up significantly over the past few years, enabling a strong fiscal 2019 performance with a 10.2% increase in consolidated sales,” said Erika Janowicz, Business Intelligence & Data Manager at La-Z-Boy.

“Domo has not only been a great technology to help grow our business but also allows us to focus on our people. The culture and climate of our organisation have improved substantially as a result of Domo’s tools and capabilities and the ease with which our people can analyse data.”

In partnership with Domo, La-Z-Boy empowered employees across the enterprise with access to real-time data to improve operational efficiency. A few examples include:

  • Integrating systems and people. Domo’s library of connectors seamlessly integrated La-Z-Boy’s data and systems, helping grow and transform the business across multiple departments, teams and business units.
  • Enabling immediate and confident decision making. Executives, Board members and employees across the enterprise can visualise real-time data, examine correlations and trends, and take action.

“Domo is designed to provide value out of the box, but really stands out when it brings the entire organisation together to drive the business forward,” said Josh James, Founder and CEO of Domo.

“When this happens, like it does for La-Z-Boy, you can empower trailblazing change. We are proud be a part of La-Z-Boy’s success, and we are even more excited to see what the company is going to do next.”

David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research commented, “The La-Z-Boy application of Domo technology represents the best of what an analytics application should provide to an organisation. More than 20 different departments share information and analyses that draw from a variety of different internal and external data sources. These analyses drove specific measurable improvement in key business metrics along with improvements in customer experience and internal business processes.”

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