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Stellar and Talend

Great news! Stellar has finalised the partnership agreement with Talend. Talend provides a single, unified platform for data integration, data integrity, data governance, and real-time data delivery. It provides software solutions for data preparation, data quality, data integration, application integration, data management and big data.

Talend takes the work out of working with data and make data useful for all organizations. In 2005 they came up with a solution that was the first commercial open-source data integration software. Since then, they launched an enterprise big data solution and anticipated the industry’s move to the cloud.

Various projects for a top performer in the automotive industry

The focus of our client from the automotive industry, was to deliver an exceptional experience to its customers. So, for us, at Stellar, there is a real flavour across various projects we are working on.

One of them is a Customer Profile. We needed to find a definition that could have a marketing or customer service-oriented view. The main question which needs an answer now is what a customer wants. With the upcoming Salesforce project aiming at the Person Account Transition, we will get a clearer identification of a ‘person’. As opposed to a customer being a company (with various people contacts).

Another main challenge for the company currently is the focus on when vehicles will be delivered to customers. The logistics are very important here. We needed to provide visibility over their NZ vehicle transport data – CDG combined with JDE ERP system data to provide accurate visibility over the arrival of Customer vehicles. We have had many iterations of this Customer Vehicle ETA PBI report; including the version for Dealers which we are providing via Binokula. The latest version will highlight in the report when statuses and ETA dates have changed so dealers can communicate these changes to customers.

Future work planning and strategic asset management 

Recently Stellar has started working on an Asset Management Data Standard (AMDS) project that will help clients to develop and implement shared data standards for different assets that the organizations own across the country. The data standard for assets will offer a consistent, integrated approach to data structures and asset management. It will enable better asset data acquisition and analytics, better management of the assets and greater opportunities for sharing and collaboration.

Easy Sharing. Insight Out.

Binokula lets you empower your business partners, customers and even the community at large with clear insight so they can make better decisions anytime, anywhere. The team at Binokula would like to share our latest updates with you.

Sample reports available for review
Our Binokula self-service demonstration page is now available for access 24/7. See the user experience when they access a report.
See an example Power BI report, being shared by a corporation (Worldwide Importers) to two individual distributors (Tailspin and Wingtip) who can only access their information.

Sharing directly to the New Zealand Digital Changemaker community
Recently Stellar Consulting CEO John McDermott and Binokula Product Manager Alan Radford discussed the opportunities with sharing Power BI in a modern business environment with reporting requirements to many stakeholders – both internal and external – and the need for security and ease of access. A demo of Binokula was conducted, along with sharing how the service provided a solution to a major agricultural industry co-operative. More in our news article: The Kiwi tech consulting company extending Power BI’s reach. We look forward to seeing those of you in New Zealand at future face-to-face industry events once current Covid-19 restrictions are no longer required.

Do you have Power BI reports available now to share?
Let us help fast-track your success with our Binokula Production Trial. Built-in your environment and free for 30 days, this allows you to start as soon as possible, plus continue your new reporting service without interruption.

Stellar was one of the Microsoft New Zealand Partner Awards finalists for 2021!

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