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Fernando Ponte By Fernando Ponte, Senior Consultant at Stellar

Earlier this year, Oracle announced the availability of Oracle Database 18c, a new version of Oracle Database 12c (Release 2) with enough enhancements to support that big jump in numbering from 12 to 18.

In fact, the name “18c” refers to “2018,” and reflects Oracle’s change to annual releases, plus quarterly updates.

Database 18c is available on Oracle Cloud and Oracle Engineered Systems.

Oracle has made the new database available via its Oracle Live SQL website as well. Live SQL has been running on Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition since February.

Oracle Live SQL is great if you want to experience the new features available in Database 18c. You can search through the Public Code Library or create your own Script Library.

Live SQL is also a good way to develop your knowledge in SQL and PL/SQL. You can discuss SQL code with the Oracle Developer community, which is especially handy if you don’t have access to Oracle Support or find it too complicated to navigate via Oracle Community.

There are welcome enhancements in this new Oracle 18C Database with respect to Big Data and Data Warehousing. They come from new functions and support in Analytic Views and LOB support with IMC (In-Memory Columnar) and Big Data SQL.

If you want to play with the new database, visit


Big Data



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