Meet Stellar Leads: Juergen Backhaus

Meet Juergen Backhaus. A multitalented Lead Consultant at Stellar

Juergen Backhaus’s first New Zealand interview was with Stellar. He was successful and we are glad to say he has been with the company ever since. Juergen works as a Lead Consultant for Stellar and fulfills many technical roles in customer engagements. He is an expert in a vast variety of technologies and using many different products. Being born in Germany may be only a part of the reason that he favours and has an exceptional knowledge of SAP.

He is also a lover of good food, music and outdoor activities, and he cooks a mean pastry.

From Siemens to Stellar… and not back

Juergen comes from the south of Germany. During his Computer Science Studies, he first started working for Siemens. He was longing to have overseas experience and found an internship opportunity in the New Zealand branch. These nine months changed his life. Juergen went back to Germany to finish his studies but knew he would return to New Zealand one day.

After completing his diploma, Juergen spent another four years at Siemens where he was promoted to an internal consulting role as an SAP Business Intelligence specialist. Even then he could not get New Zealand out of his head. For someone as skilled as Juergen, it was not difficult to get the visa and a job offer from Stellar and then it did not take long for Juergen to consider New Zealand as a second home.

Juergen’s exceptional technical skills

Juergen has been working in Stellar for almost 9 years. “Stellar is a great place to work, there is an extraordinary team with many talented people”, says Juergen. Juergen himself has been integral in delivering valued outcomes for some of Stellar’s largest clients. These vary from the commercial sectors to the public-sector. He has delivered large SAP HANA, BW and BI projects and lead complex Data Migration initiatives providing customers with essential thought leadership.

“I would say I have pretty high standards and what I expect of myself, so solving a curly problem or bringing a long-running project to a successful end is a great feeling. Especially when you also get the appreciation from the customer and colleagues”, says Juergen about his work.

… and Juergen’s hidden talents

Juergen appreciates the beautiful and pure nature in New Zealand, where he likes to spend time with his young family or run. If there is something he misses from home, it is, after all, some of the typical German dishes. So, he taught himself how to prepare them. He is “world-famous” in Stellar for his delicious bread and pastries. He even produces a home-made Quark (a special central European type of cottage cheese) and uses it to make classic German cakes and desserts.”

You should talk to him about them sometimes, or better yet invite him to bring some to a meeting. Yummy.


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