Meet Stellar Leads: Rob Ingledew

Meet Rob Ingledew. A Lead Consultant in Stellar and a DJ in free time

Rob Ingledew is a Wellington native and Lead Consultant in Stellar. However, he is also a passionate traveller, musician and motorcycle racer.

Stellar, Business Intelligence and a Rock Band

Rob joined Stellar in 2019, bringing many years of experience and expertise including change and governance management for enterprise data solutions within financial services. Rob has also worked as a consultant in business intelligence enjoying success all over the world. However, what might surprise you is that Rob had been making his living as a successful DJ for more than ten years before starting his technology career over 21 years ago.

“I really wanted to live the Rock’n’Roll lifestyle,” said Rob. “But then I grew up and the music industry changed too. So, I retrained and got a JAVA job”. “I realised I really like working in technology, with people who are intelligent, passionate and bright, and that I wanted to stay in that industry”.

Lots and lots of exciting interests

Rob still has a music studio at home and plays for fun. Rob is still a talented musician. He plays guitar and piano and sang in many types of bands, from country to punk. As a DJ he even started his own radio station. He is a motorcycle fan. He has a track motorbike on which he still competes at least twice a year and he is the proud owner of an iconic Harley Davidson touring.

The ability to turn the idea into solutions

Rob has a solid understanding of technology, and he also knows how to get the most out of his teams. Rob believes that the reason he has been successful in his career is that he can deliver solutions. A natural raconteur, Rob uses data and technology to weave compelling narratives that support strategic initiatives as well as demonstrate the effects of disruptive influencers. “My talent is that I can quickly empathise with business. I can turn an idea into a valued solution that can be pragmatically delivered”, says Rob.

His technical proficiencies are vast, and he has skills including on most of the Microsoft suite of products, as well as Teradata and IBM Infosphere appliances. Where Rob excels in his Lead Consulting role is driving changes in requirements analysis, agile methodologies, and getting valuable insights to the people that need them before it too late.

What Rob appreciates the most at Stellar is that it offered him the opportunity to work with some of the brightest data and analytics professionals in NZ, and with some great and iconic NZ companies. “Up until now my career had been solution shaping and delivery focussed. My role at Stellar expands my remit to include strategic planning and program management, two areas that I enjoy very much”, adds Rob.

“There is a moment, if I’ve done my job properly, when my client smiles and says ‘Wow’. That’s what I work for every time. It’s awesome!”, concludes Rob. There is nothing easier than becoming one of Rob’s smiling clients. Rob is more than happy to discuss your business intelligence strategy with you.


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