Discovering the opportunities in exponential change

By Nicholas Glanfield, General Manager at Stellar

Singularity University (SingularityU) is an organisation dedicated to the education, inspiration and empowerment of people who are open to using exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

Held this week in Sydney, the 2018 SingularityU Summit provided a combination of speakers, networking and facilitated activities to help individuals and organisations think about breakthrough solutions that leverage technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital biology.

After three days at the summit, I can honestly say I’m exhausted!

There have been thought-provoking, and at times challenging, insights into the futures of areas such as Transportation, Energy, Digital Biology, Medicine and Exonomics (Exponential Economics) – economic principles augmented through exponential technologies like the shift from economies of products and services to platforms, and the impact of nano-transactions within those economies.

Take medicine, for example. We have the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), including well-known wearable technology such as Fitbit to monitor vital signs both pro-actively as well as post-operative).

But how about insideables – micro technologies (robots) that are swallowed or injected to deliver precise doses of medicines.

Or breathables – highly sensitive devices with the ability to detect potential cancers, etc., simply by analysing a user’s breath. The possibilities seem endless.

SingularityU has been a great way to challenge well-worn paradigms and my expectations of ‘normality.’


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