Staying fit

Fit data and fit employees – COVID19 mantra at Stellar

Save Lives Vs Save the Economy is a common dilemma, and the question is – can we do both?

Companies these days are trying to stay fit by getting even more out of their data than before and rely on this information to make key business decisions. While people are investing more in their wellbeing, good health is the best insurance plan and it is about the survival of the fittest.

Data from studies indicate that physical, mental and emotional horsepower is directly linked to an individual’s physical regimen. Every dollar invested in wellness programs equates to at least three dollars of savings. Employers notice a reduction in absenteeism and an increase in employees’ morale and productivity. [1]

Because we care

At Stellar, we care equally about our customers’ data and our employees’ wellness. We have several initiatives in place which reinforce this.  Our latest introduction is yoga, to alleviate the effects of the long hours spent at our desks. The intention is to encourage staff to take that well-deserved break and enjoy some rest and relaxation.

People, people, people

Stellar is lucky to have a very versatile office manager Celia, who is also a practicing yoga teacher.

She combines her knowledge of yoga and psychology training to provide a practice that promotes health and wellness for all. Every Wednesday there is a virtual in-house yoga class for everyone at Stellar who wants to join in.

Celia believes that yoga is more than physical exercise.  It is also a wholesome activity for the body and mind. “It is not about touching your toes and being able to perform party tricks. It is above all about being able to bend over and tie your laces when you are 85”, she says.

Being a corporate employee herself, she truly appreciates what the practice has provided her, such as less muscle tension after a long day of sitting at the desk and an overall reduction of stress in her life. During work hours, she can focus on her tasks better. Beyond that, she can “switch off” her work mind and enjoy quality time with her family.

Simple exercises Celia recommends for any desk-bound (or otherwise) employees

Alongside our virtual yoga classes Stellar also offers the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is third party confidential support for employees in need. Wellness means taking care of not just the body, but the mind as well and being able to offer this support outside of work is very important to Stellar.

[1] ‘Investing in a healthy workforce to control health care costs’. Michigan News, University of Michigan. 5 July 2001,


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