Stellar’s workplace flexibility and refreshed brand

By John McDermott
CEO at Stellar



I am excited to announce our recent refreshed brand identity and workplace changes. These changes have been the result of hard work from the whole team here at Stellar. They include revitalized company values, a brand refresh, a new internal portal and website, and work from anywhere flexibility.

Stellar is home to a seasoned team of pure-play data and analytics experts helping customers to transform their businesses through the power of data and analytics. We are continuously evolving as a business to respond to the needs of our customers, the changing trends in the data and analytics world and the wellbeing of our team here at Stellar.

We were well on our way to the adoption of these changes when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. The incredible response from our team and customers allowed us to continue to deliver outstanding services and accelerated our workplace change to flexibly work from any location.

To support this change, our refreshed brand and website provide that insightful window that gives a glimpse of Stellar before meeting us. It is a journey we took with the whole Stellar team that has brought our story to life.


We have proudly captured and summarised what Stellar is all about in our purpose, “Enabling insights to deliver success”. It is supported by our revitalised company values:

  • Partnerships drive our success

Our partnerships are based upon trust. We believe in developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our vendors, suppliers, customers, and team members. We treat all our partners with respect and kindness and do the right thing by them – expecting the same in return.

  • Great results every time

We are a team of self-starters, who take ownership and responsibility for delivering great results for our customers. We listen, we learn, and we are pragmatic. If there is a question, we find the answer. We get it done.

  • Pride in what we do

As a team, we take pride in delivering exceptional outcomes for our customers. We are driven by delivering positive change.

  • People People People

We are a community of people who value, trust and respect each other. We are strong in character and brave enough to challenge, yet curious enough to want to listen and learn, and are not afraid to make mistakes and have a laugh at ourselves. However, we are always professional and focused on results.

We have embedded these values into all areas of our company. We also display them on the front page of our new website.


The journey to identify our refreshed values and brand emphasized that we are a people-orientated business.  Although data and analytics deals with numbers, statistics, and technology, we have always known that people make the difference. This is embodied in our foundation “Seven Essentials of Success” approach. It focuses on the importance of strong governance and engagement to have success with data and analytics initiatives.

“People People People” is one of our proudest company values and simply states that the success of Stellar and our customers is based on a community of people who value, trust, and respect each other. Our new website reflects this and emphases the team at Stellar – the people our customers engage with daily.


In line with this emphasis on people, we formed an internal Workplace Wellness Committee. It consists of staff members from across the business, varying in age and seniority. Their objective is to regularly consider and implement wellness initiatives for the whole Stellar team.

First up was our new Flexible Working Arrangement. We introduced it after the success of our response to the COVID-19 lockdowns. While acknowledging that our customers’ requirements are paramount, it gives staff the ability to determine where they wish to work – from home, client site, or Stellar office – and when. We stay connected with morning stand-up meetings via Microsoft Teams three times a week. These meetings have a simple agenda – an update on Health and Safety, an open mic session whereby you can share a work-related or personal interest story, and “fun-times” to share a joke. All over in 10 minutes with a rotating roster. The Wellness Committee is now looking forward to thinking up our next range of social activities for staff to enjoy and stay connected to the wider team.


Our refreshed colour palette has taken inspiration from the dark starry night and its ever-changing light reflecting our name, Stellar. The primary colours are shades of blue. It is ranging from a darker blue that is almost black, to the lighter blue of the Stellar logo. The vibrant and dynamic gradients mirror the movement of the changing night sky and the aurora australis.

The approach we took was to apply the brand colours internally first. We extended the colour palette and started using it across our new templates and graphics. We introduced, after a great effort within the team, a new internal portal called “IntraStellar”. It is a central repository to find the updated company assets.


Our new website is designed in a very clear and user-friendly way. You get to know everything you need about our services and culture as well as interesting insights about our people and services.

The website represents Stellar and our seasoned team of pure-play data and analytics experts who are well-versed in global best practice, having worked all over the world.  However, as a Kiwi-owned company, we are perfectly placed to tackle the unique challenges faced by businesses in our part of the world. Our website completes our use of the same modern and fresh design for both internal and external channels.


We love helping New Zealand’s leading businesses stay that way. Many businesses ‘do’ data and analytics – but not many can show you the future and then take you there. We partner with New Zealand’s leading companies to help them understand their world and how predicting the future can transform the present.


Stellar is now in a growth phase with an exciting portfolio of customer projects for 2021. The team have continued to gain certifications that reflect their skills in Microsoft Azure, SAP Analytics Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and other technologies. We are looking for a new office location in Wellington to reflect our new flexible working and increasingly use technology such as Microsoft Teams to work remotely with customers.

We also plan to extend the huge success we have had with our sister company, It allows simple sharing of interactive reports with any organisation’s wider affiliate network – more to come on this soon.

To support this growth, we are recruiting. We are after the best data and analytics people. So, look at our website if you or anyone you know is keen to join this great team or if you just want to understand more about Stellar Consulting.


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