Strata Data 2017: So much to absorb, but themes emerging

Crowd at StrataData 2017

Craig Larmer, Stellar Consulting By Craig Larmer, Lead Consultant at Stellar

NEW YORK – The Strata Data Conference is big. There’s over 6,000 attendees, 130 vendors and more than 250 sessions compressed into four full days.

I’ve attended numerous sessions so far and scoured the booths, talking to vendors. I’ve also chatted to many of the attendees in an attempt to soak up as much information and as many ideas as possible.

There are endless opportunities on offer here. It could be the chance to talk to people such as the CIO of an international bank implementing a globally shared data layer for every financial transaction (yes EVERY transaction).

Or maybe it’s chatting to the managing director of a global consulting firm which has implemented analytics-as-a-service to help their clients solve problems more quickly.

Or it could be listening to the architects of a popular messaging system walk through the issues of handling a trillion transactions per day.

In an attempt to make sense of it all I’ve tried to group things together (sorry, it’s the analyst in me).

Conveniently, it’s fallen in to three key themes:

  • Maturity – The tools to scale to unthinkable volumes are available and proven. Now there’s a gamut of management products to put around these tools to make them sustainable in a corporate environment.
  • Speed – It’s not whether you can or can’t, because you undoubtedly can. It’s now about doing it quickly and efficiently.
  • Analytics – Big data tools have finally found the killer app for the capabilities on offer and the answer is advanced analytics.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting together some further information on each of these themes. But for now, there’s one more day to attend…

Top photo: Craig Larmer





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