Transitioning legacy systems for a global company

Andrew King is a Business Intelligence Consultant at Stellar Consulting. Andrew’s most recent project is for a globally renowned company, a top performer in its industry.

The focus of his work in this project was to extract the wealth of information the business has stored in their Excel environments. He makes it available both in an Enterprise Data Warehouse and from Power BI reports.

The solution process was immensely satisfying, despite the challenges to overcome. “There was an urgent requirement for the data to be made accessible. At the same time, we needed to be sure that the transformations required kept the integrity of the information. The data involved forecasts and was constantly evolving”, says Andrew.

Andrew and the Stellar team have designed the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) framework and templates to maximise resources. They were focusing on delivering a quality solution that provides real value for our clients. “The agile nature of Stellar’s teamwork allowed me to prioritise the necessary components and to deliver on time”, explains Andrew.

The project is a good example of transitioning legacy systems and processes to take advantage of best-practice database design and current Business Intelligence applications, in this case, Power BI. Stellar’s engagement and development processes enabled the business users to continue their existing work without interruption while contributing feedback to the acceptance testing and deployment of the solution.


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