Investing in Upskilling: Ken’s Oracle achievement

Ken Tran, a consultant at Stellar is currently working on a support role with one of our utility customers. He ensures the current Business Intelligence (BI) system remains available for business-as-usual. Recently Ken has added another feather to his hat by completing an Oracle certification. Now he is an Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Certified Specialist.

Oracle Autonomous Database is a cloud database that uses machine learning to automate routine database tasks such as tuning, security, backups, updates that are traditionally performed by DBAs. The certificate is for database ​administrators, monitors, and ​Dev Ops admins who want to provision, ​manage and migrate to ​Autonomous Transaction ​Database (ATP) and Autonomous ​Data Warehouse (ADW).

Ken has enrolled on a free tier lab that was provided by Oracle. It greatly helped him to get hands-on experience with Oracle cloud infrastructure and understand databases’ characteristics. Besides, the Oracle learning centre is another great resource that demonstrates all aspects of the cloud infrastructure and autonomous database.

As mentioned, Oracle Autonomous Database is designed to automate DBAs’ tasks. It does not only increase productivity. It also prevents human errors and provides a reliable infrastructure. The infrastructure then serves both a transaction system as well as a data warehouse.

If you are looking at implementing Oracle and would like our help or advice feel free to reach out to us in Stellar. We are more than happy to help.


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