Scheduling SAC stories with the APOS Publisher for Cloud

When Oji Fibre Solutions started to look at options for scheduling their growing number of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) reports, called stories, there was initially no possibility for them. Their SAC tenant resides on the Neo platform which does not offer any native scheduling capability. Beyond basic scheduling, Oji’s needs also include generating personalized report versions with user-specific slices of data for each recipient (report bursting).

Stellar’s solution

This was the opportunity that Stellar’s Lead Consultant Juergen Backhaus was waiting for. He suggested them a solution by a third-party provider and long-standing SAP partner APOS Systems Inc. Juergen knew that the APOS Publisher for Cloud was a perfect fit for Oji’s requirement. He arranged a product presentation in which APOS completely convinced Graham Plowman who is managing Oji’s BI initiatives.

In an initiated Proof of Concept (POC) Juergen took care of installing and setting up the solution on a virtual machine provided by Oji Fibre Solutions. He soon identified a suitable report for the POC – a Sales and Production Volumes dashboard recently created for Oji’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing – Paper.

Overcoming challenges

There have been a few challenges along the way. Most of them of a technical nature. But working closely together with the experts at APOS all hurdles were overcome with a convincing result. It led to the decision to start using the APOS Publisher in a production environment.

There are already other parts of Oji’s business where is interest to use the new scheduling and report bursting capabilities. Plant Maintenance KPI reporting just to name one of them.

This will hopefully just be the first of many successful implementations of APOS solutions in partnership with Stellar. Please get in contact with us in case you would like to know how we can help with your reporting requirements. Not just with APOS for SAP-based Business Intelligence, but we are happy to help with any of your analytics needs.


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