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Providing insurance options for New Zealanders. From car insurance to home and contents. AA Insurance is an award-winning insurer offering general insurance to New Zealanders for over 25 years.

“The Stellar team have been professional, skilled and nimble throughout. Safeguarding our business while making visible progress has been worth the investment.”

Aaron Dickinson,
General Manager of Strategy, Insights and Analytics, AA Insurance

The challenge

AA Insurance undertook a review of their existing Data Governance Framework which provided the business with an approach for working with data, treating data as a valued asset, and ensuring that data was stored and used correctly.

As part of the review, AA Insurance acknowledged that the existing Data Governance Framework was limited in scope and was difficult to roll out to the business. This meant that many people were unaware of the implications data governance had and how it affected the usage of data.

Stellar was engaged to provide data governance leadership. We were asked to ensure AA Insurance implemented best practices based on existing industry approaches. We then facilitated an effective business implementation while minimising the impact on operational processes and costs.

The solution

Data Governance Framework

Working with the AA Insurance business, Stellar revised the Data Governance Framework, incorporating approaches and structure from existing frameworks as recommended and used by the NZ Privacy Commission, Statistics NZ, and the NZ Government Digital Transformation.

The initial step was to define Data Governance principles and goals that provided a foundation for the Framework to follow. The Framework was updated with these in place to include a comprehensive set of policies and processes that set out how AA Insurance works with data and the rules that govern that activity.

To facilitate the operational rollout of the Framework, Stellar defined a clear set of data roles and responsibilities, along with a RASCI matrix to show how each role maps to the Data Governance processes. The roles included the formation of a Data Governance Forum, a body of data experts and stakeholders from across the AA Insurance business that owns both the Framework and its operational effectiveness.

With the evolving and adaptive nature of the Framework, Stellar felt that storing the content in a static Word document limited the audience for the information it contained and how changes to the content could be managed and reviewed. As such, the Framework documentation was migrated to the Atlassian Confluence platform, which provides a simple, wiki-based medium for documentation that is easy to navigate and includes comprehensive version management capabilities.

Business benefits

With comprehensive Data Governance Framework documentation and effective Forum oversight in place, AA Insurance can be sure that their business understands the importance of good data management practices and how they are expected to implement and manage them to meet their overall data goals.

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